Institute of Medical Hypnoanalysis

  Training in Effective

Clinical Hypnosis


A Practical Protocol to Use Hypnosis to Treat Mental Disorders

Our Mission

Medical Hypnoanalysis

Trained in the Bryan Method of Medical Hypnoanalysis, we, the founders, have identified a need for a vehicle to transmit a comprehensive, exact, knowledge of this art and science to like-minded helping professionals throughout the United States and the World.  The basis of our knowledge and curriculum is directly descended from William J Bryan, MD., himself, conscientiously transmitted to us by his student, our teacher, Daniel A. Zelling, MD.  It is the mission of the Institute of Medical Hypnoanalysis to make this knowledge and training available to all qualified and interested professionals.  To this end, The Institute of Medical Hypnoanalysis was founded in September, 2013. 


Continuing Education
Hypnoanalytic Training

Our goals are to teach the Bryan Method of Hypnoanalysis in traditional as well as distance learning settings, to present sequential training modules, to provide residency opportunities and supervision, and to maintain a meeting place for like-minded individuals to dialogue and share ideas.

To these ends, we of the Institute of Medical Hypnosis extend an invitation to all of you whom we know and are yet to know, who hold the value of the subconscious in bringing about therapeutic change in the elimination of suffering and promotion of selfhood to join us in learning, practicing and ultimately teaching this work.